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This page describes Cloud 10 Solutions Disaster recovery solutions using Backup & Replication as well as server and desktop backup into a private cloud.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions


Cloud 10's Backup and Replication Solutions

Data Backup

One of the most neglected software technologies is backup and replication. In most cases companies will normally keep an onsite backup copy of there data in case of a catastrophic failure of an accidental deletion of critical information. While this is a good standard practice having an offsite backup is essential in enabling the recovery of data if an unfortunate circumstance such as a building fire, weather related conditions such as a hurricane or tornado were to occur.  Having your data backed up into Cloud 10 Solutions datacenter will add an extra layer of protection and insurance that you won't lose data and will be able to quickly get back up and running either onsite or remotely from anywhere in the world. Here are the benefits that you'll inherit:

  • Increased protection in case of failure

  • Ability to restore data quickly onsite/cloud

  • Meet any Recovery Point Objective set

  • Multi-Site data sets


Data Replication

Adding replication to your solution completes your disaster recovery best practices plan. Replication is different from backups. Backups take a copy of your peripherals and its data at a specific point in time. The time that backups are executed differs from each company. Typically in most scenarios, backups are taken once a day. It usually occurs at night or off peak times such as non business hours. Some will be taken as a full backup one day out of the week and then taken each day for only the changed data. This can allow for a quicker restore but replication allows for an immediate recovery in case of any server failure enabling your company to resume operations almost instantly. This creates a fully redundant high availability solution that decreases the amount of financial loss in case of a disaster or failure. Listed below are the benefits:

  • Immediate recovery of peripherals in a failure event

  • Zero or minimal financial loss due to application unavailability

  • Ability to resume normal business operations in case of a disaster

  • Increase of application up time with high availability and redundancy