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Cloud 10 Solutions about us page. Explains services provided in Sarasota, Florida, Bradenton, Florida, Tampa Florida, St. Petersburg, Florida, Clearwater, Florida as well as U.S. wide services.

How did Cloud 10 Solutions come about?

Cloud 10 Solutions is just that, a Cloud Solutions and Managed IT Services company.  The cloud a couple of years ago seemed like a mystery for most as to what it was. The cloud simply allows you to run your applications that you run your business on every day remotely, The difference is there isn't any required onsite hardware that is needed other than an internet connection, a desktop, tablet or mobile device. As the years have passed working with the cloud, in the cloud, and building cloud infrastructures there was a lot of experience gained. Most of this experience was gained through Managed IT Services with businesses like yourselves. Today most know at least the basics of what the cloud is or does. This is where Cloud 10 Solutions was thought of. We not only provide Managed IT Services, we also provide anything Cloud related in our portfolio. We realized that the move to the cloud for all businesses is inevitable and we wanted to get out in front of the curve to ensure that we are the experts in providing custom cloud solutions and support to our current and future clients. 


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About the President & ceo

Our CEO came up traditionally in the world of technology starting with the help desk. Along with the 13 years of experience came a broad range of technologies, customers and strategies. The vision is to provide the best designs, solutions and resolutions to current issues that a current or future customer may experience. Molding what we have all learned and viewed over this time helped us to create a growing confident team. Our vision is to satisfy the customer and ensure satisfaction at all costs.