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“IT On Demand” services current and future customers who need IT Services at a specific time and for a predetermined set of hours. This is a perfect option for small businesses that don’t have or need a dedicated IT staff. “IT On Demand” fits all business sizes and market type. Customers can select the type of work needed for fulfillment, date, time, and description. Once your work order is submitted to our service desk we will assign to the appropriate team member for completion.





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Cloud Technology

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Cloud computing is today’s modern technology. What is “The Cloud”? The cloud is technology hardware and software that is hosted by another company. These companies are referred to as Hosts or Solutions Providers. This allows businesses who want to rid themselves of maintaining their own hardware and software products onsite and leave it to the providers to deal with. This can be really cost effective with licensing, hardware and software costs. Cloud 10 Solutions takes the complexity out of the cloud by managing and architecting custom cloud solutions that promote growth, productivity and return on investment! We are partnered with IBM, Google, VMware, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

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Managed IT Services

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Managed IT Services provide the opportunity for a business to outsource technology to a professional Managed IT Services company to handle the technical task for them. This type of service fits a number of business sizes and categories. Here are some examples:

Small businesses: You have 10 employees but don’t need a dedicated technical resource onsite day to day.

Medium sized businesses: You want to have your monitoring, management and helpdesk outsource to free capital.

Enterprise: An IT Project that is large and involves a datacenter move, server configurations, as well as software installs.

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business & technology

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Grow your business with technology! Ensure that you’ve hired the correct resource for the job. We don’t specialize in sending over just anyone. Our technical resources are thoroughly vetted and certified for the project, job, position that you need to fill.

Market your business with advanced technology and resources. Find out how you stack against competitors in the market. Get seen with Search Engine Optimization. Find out what’s selling and what’s not. Make calculated business product moves in the market with Data Analytics and Digital Marketing.

Cloud Technology is a cookie cutter solution. The issue is that there are too many cookies and too many cutters. With a customized solution that is integrated and tailored for your business operations, you’ll be ahead of the game of the competition who standardize. We make everything simpler!

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